a more INTELLIGENT approach to ground service equipment management

The Customer:

This large US-Based outsourcing services company has offshore support centers around the world.  The support centers utilize a large number of technology assets in their business. While certain support centers are growing rapidly, staff is added and/or shifted as contracts are won.

The Challenge:

IT spend is a large portion of the support center cost.  The customer wanted to have a financing model for their Philippines operation that utilized operating funds, reduced capex spend and limits outgoing cash, while having the option to keep or return equipment as needed.  Generally, the customer wanted the length of the IT lease to match the length of the services contract. The customer also wanted to work with a domestic lessor with experience in Asia, while having a single point of contact in the US.

Going beyond finance:

The Somerset team was able to work with the finance team to structure an equipment lease that made sense for the customer’s Philippines operations, matching equipment lease length to service contract length, and providing a single point of contact in the U.S.  The team worked with the customer’s local in-country technology distributor, US based finance management, and offshore purchasing to provide seamless “flow” type business, which consists of ongoing weekly POs for technology bundled into monthly schedules, and fast payment to the technology distributor.


  • IT equipment leasing

  • Asian operations of US support center

  • Match lease term to contract length

  • Single point of contact in US 

  • Experience leasing technology in Asia

  • Seamless “flow” relationship of weekly POs, monthly schedules and fast payment to distributors

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