a more INTELLIGENT approach to ground service equipment management

Our unique approach

Across of wide variety of equipment brands, asset classes and across the globe, we help decision makers in mid-sized and large companies with a more intelligent approach to your ground service equipment management.

Choose wisely.

Equipment expertise. Financial strength. Uncommon sense.

At Somerset, we have uncommon experience in the purchase, finance, management, sale and disposal of equipment that powers your airport operations. Procurement managers leverage this expertise to move beyond the issues of challenging documentation, inflexible equipment policies or long negotiations that invite complications into the process. Across a wide variety of asset types, brands and across the globe, we are equipment people that solve problems simply with competitive financing and comprehensive services that make our solutions a wise choice in any economic cycle.

Go beyond finance and connect with Somerset.

How can we help you go Beyond Finance?

The greatest achievements always start by asking simple questions.  Click on the images below to learn how Somerset’s comprehensive list of services and unique approach to the equipment needs of the aviation industry can help decision makers like you think bigger and go beyond finance.


Our team is ready to help you take a different, more intelligent approach to your ground service equipment management